Get a sneak peak!

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the items showcased in ‘Dressed for History’ at the Museum of Vancouver.

March 14, 2023 Read more >
You won’t want to miss it!

Opening this week, one of the most exciting exhibitions in years! I’m joined by fellow collectors Claus Janke and Melanie […]

March 13, 2023 Read more >
Come ROAR with us! Fashions of the Twenties!

Join me on Sunday, November 6th for a wonderful show of Twenties Fashions! Canadian Museum of Flight, Langley Regional Airport, […]

October 28, 2022 Read more >
Hollywood Glamour!!

Join me for an inside look into the glamourous world of Hollywood fashion! See how movie stars like Jean Harlow, […]

September 24, 2022 Read more >
Do you have your ticket yet?

Please join me on Saturday September 10th at ‘Spice it Up’. Here is a special invitation and details about the […]

September 2, 2022 Read more >
Join me as we ‘Spice it Up’!!

Please join me on Sept 10 for a wonderful fashion show highlighting the exotic influences on fashion from around the […]

August 20, 2022 Read more >

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